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Navigating Pakistan’s healthcare system is often frustrating and confusing. I know this through my own experiences, which have required depending on friends and family for my personal health issues. Solving this problem, along with reducing costs and ensuring ease of access, is the inspiration for Doctory.

We are creating tools for you to use in your personal healthcare journey. The vision of my team and I is for high quality healthcare to be accessible to every Pakistani — including you — no matter your location or income.


I am an economist and a passionate millennial Pakistani, and I believe that my generation will turn our country around. Write to me with your experiences, the problems you’ve faced, your ideas or if you’d like to volunteer with us. You can reach me here: [email protected]


Joining me is Ayyaz, is a public health specialist who believes the public and private healthcare sectors must work together to ensure consumer protection. If you are someone who wants to partner or work together, please reach out to Ayyaz at: [email protected]


I’m also joined by Mike, a research and product design specialist who focuses on projects that are socially responsible. He was inspired by my vision to provide high-quality healthcare in emerging economies. Contact him with your ideas for Doctory’s service: [email protected]

Hearing from you will energise us to fulfill the massive task we have set for ourselves!

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